British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government asked the Queen to suspend Parliament for a month before the Brexit deadline.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that “if we cannot get rid of the backstop we will leave without a deal on 31 October.”

“There was probably just a first chink of light” from EU leaders when they met with Boris Johnson, Shapps said. “We are going to be ready either way.”

He added that there will be time in October amid the EU summit to discuss anything new that comes out.

“The next big thing to happen will be around the next European summit and that’s not until the middle of October anyway and that is the time at which there may be something new to discuss,” Shapps said.

According to Grant Shapps, Britain is more ready “for no deal Brexit than people realise”.

“We want settled EU citizens to stay here and to contribute to UK society,” Shapps stressed.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth has approved Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend the parliament starting shortly after lawmakers return to work in mid-September until 14 October.

The Queen’s speech laying out the government’s plans would thus be held on 14 October, just a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

The United Kingdom is expected to withdraw from the European Union by 31 October but has so far failed to agree on the divorce terms both with Brussels and internally. Johnson has repeatedly said that he was determined to observe the deadline, with or without a deal, despite there being a strong opposition to the no-deal scenario in the parliament.

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