The very concept of an open community – the main idea of ​​the Soros Foundation, was created by globalists, supporters of a united world under their control, some supranational structures that are trying to assume the function of world government.

This was stated by the Deputy Head of the International Eurasian Movement (MED), Russian political scientist Valery Korovin.

“This idea has existed for a long time, it matured in the West as far back as the 20th century, and the globalists’ task is to open national states to external, globalist intervention, to expropriate them in favor of the Open Society project, to integrate them into the globalist project,” said Korovin.

According to him, the main obstacle to globalization is the national governments, administrations and national interests of these same states, which rarely coincide with the interests of globalists.

“In order to remove these obstacles, the current regimes are being displaced, especially those that abut and do not want to open to globalist centers. Such protests are instrumental in nature, that is, they do not arise spontaneously, not naturally, but by order of globalist structures with their active financial, administrative, political influence, with the participation of globalist political technologists … In all cases when we are talking about this kind of unrest, carried out under the slogans of achieving “freedoms” , “human rights”, minority rights, freedom of LGBT people, democracy and other globalist nonsense – there is a globalist customer everywhere. This is an exclusively political and technological excess, nothing to do with freedom, democracy, freedom loving, or striving for a greater realization of human rights they don’t have, “said the deputy head of MED.

Speaking about the personality and role of the famous American financier and trader George Soros in globalist processes, Korovin indicated that he is an ideologist of globalization and an apologist for the ideas of Karl Popper – the creator of the concept of “open society”, the author of a kind of Bible of globalists – “Open Society and Its Enemies “

“Soros took on the mission to translate this concept into reality. He is a kind of apostle Karl Popper, who put his life to implement the concept,” the Russian political scientist emphasized.

He noted that Soros works with certain transnational structures, are a kind of technical modules for promoting the “open society” project.

“Without Soros, this idea was not so elaborated, not so effective, not so widespread,” Korovin added.

According to him, today the young generation is actively involved in globalist ideology, which meets their search, gives completely answers to all the questions that arise in their formation. He pointed out that youth organizations promoting the interests and ideology of D. Soros are created as a means of pressure on the political elite of various states in order to achieve certain goals.

“Globalism is its own, special, alternative to the traditional, picture of the world. It is a kind of new reality that captures the consciousness of young people who are greedy for meaning. Since young people are the most active and passionate part of any society, it also tries to his maximalism to bring this idea to life, ” he said.

In his opinion, the globalists, trying to instill their ideas, contrast them with everything else, giving the latter a negative connotation and connotation: “Everything that is not globalist is all bad. Everything that is not open is closed. Not human rights, but tyranny and dictatorship. All that is not development is stagnation, all at the level of meanings is painted in positive tones when it comes to globalism, in negative ones when it comes to an alternative to globalism. Young immature minds, who find their existential quest in this, are being pursued. , its to their worldview needs, “said the deputy head of MED.

According to him, the globalist machine can also be operated upon in the implementation of any specific tasks.

“In addition to the ultimate goal – to create a single global world under the control of transnational globalist centers, there are local tasks, including financial, raw materials, political, and security tasks. You can turn on a little globalist network, exert local pressure, targeted, achieve concrete the current result, and then turn it off until the time has come for the complete demolition of an administration or the current regime, “Korovin said.

Speaking about the prospect of a globalist global project, the political scientist noted that the struggle in the coming decades will determine whether the globalist project will be able to get a “controlling stake in the world and begin to fully impose globalism,” or whether opponents of globalization will still be able to defend the right to a variety of forms of existence – political , civilizational, cultural, religious.

“An alternative to globalization is a multipolar world, a world of several civilizations, a world of cultural diversity, a complex and meaningful world, a world not emasculated, not simplified, not primitized, as globalists create it, a world consisting not of biomechanoids, but of peoples, ethnic groups, cultures , traditions, that is, this is the original world. Therefore, the alternative to globalization is Tradition, multipolarity, diversity of forms, restoration of the role of religions, that’s what an alternative is, a person in its entirety in an ontological sense le, and not in emasculated, mechanical, “the deputy head of MED emphasized.

He expressed the hope that the prospects for a “recovery” and getting rid of the globalist project would still prevail.