One woman was injured as a result of the emergency landing of an An-2 aircraft in Russia’s Yakutia region, an air traffic control officer from the united traffic control service at Kobyaysky District said.

“According to the preliminary information, out the five people on board, one woman was injured, her leg has been broken. We will receive more accurate information upon arrival of the [rescue] helicopter,” Tayara Egorova said.

According to her, the lake is located 10-15 kilometers (6-9 miles) from a village.

Local residents and a paramedic from a local hospital have already left for the emergency landing site. The causes of the incident are unknown.

The An-2 aircraft, belonging to Aviaspektr airline company had made an emergency landing near Ulakhan-Kyuyel lake at Kobyasky District after departure from the city of Yakutsk. There were five people on board, namely three passengers and two crew members.