Russia’s defence export agency Rosoboronexport unveiled the Su-57E, the export variant of its fifth generation fighter aircraft, at the MAKS international air show this week, where Russian President Vladimir Putin showed off the country’s most advanced fighter plane for visiting Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

People gathered to witness some of the world’s best pilots and aerobatic teams perform breathtaking manoeuvres using the newest fighter jets available.

More than 140,000 people have visited the MAKS-2019 international airshow outside Moscow in the past three days, Russian police said Thursday.

The MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Salon is being held from August 27 to September 1 in the Moscow suburb of Zhukovsky. This biennial event is among the largest of its kind in the world. Russian and foreign aviation experts, manufacturers and businessmen gather to attend exhibitions, roundtables and conferences featuring the latest achievements and new tech in the industry.