The Western media, along with opposition bloggers in Syria, suddenly drew extra attention to the Turkish military presence in the territory of the SAR with an untimely “sensation”.

On Thursday, August 29, reports the telegram channel “Major and General.”

So, the West began to spread a fake that Russian troops allegedly attacked the Turkish observation post No. 10 in the south of Idlib. The situation was so absurd that the official Turkish news agency Anadolu had to refute the information.

“But, if to think about it, the Turkish posts number 10 and 9 at the village of Murek do nothing more in the north of the Hama province. At one time, the Turks could not cope with ensuring the regime of the demilitarized zone and could not prevent the attacks of terrorists, ”the telegram channel said.

It is in this connection that the Syrian Arab army launched a counter-terrorist operation on the border of the provinces of Idlib and Hama, and now there is indeed a demilitarized zone in the Idlib de-escalation zone without regular shelling by militants.

“But according to the very Sochi memorandum, Turkish troops must observe the situation on the part of the opposition, not government forces. The Russians are watching the side of the latter. So maybe it’s time for the Turks to really move to the area north of Khan Sheikhun, where they have already equipped new posts, ”the author writes.

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