Migration of terrorism – UN said where Islamic state can be «restarted»

In the past, Iraq was faced with the fact that the militants went underground in order to prevent a final settlement of the situation in the country, and now the Islamic State terrorist organization follows the same principle after the defeat in Syria.

It is stated in the report of the UN Secretary – General António Guterres.

So, the Islamic State forms a secret network in the liberated territories of Syria. At the same time it is building up forces in African countries. More than 250 thousand jihadists are already operating in Asia. The report also noted that there is a frequent involvement of women in the preparation and implementation of terrorist attacks.

The Islamic state does not abandon its aspirations to get world domination, –  the UN says. The terrorist organization’s budget is $ 300 million, which allows it to expand influence in different countries. It is often facilitated by the Islamists returning from hot spots, now there are 24 – 30 thousands of them . The latter is a serious problem even for European countries.


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