The EU recognizes a climate change as one of the threats to security. “This topic will be discussed with European defense ministers for the first time”, –  European diplomacy head Federica Mogherini told reporters on Thursday in Helsinki.

Informal negotiations between the heads of diplomatic and defense departments are held in Helsinki on Thursday and Friday. This is the traditional format for the EU meetings when the chairmanship moves from one country to another. Finland is currently chairing the EU.

“ Today we will start  by discussing climate change, defense and security and the work that we are doing in the context of the UN and the summit expected in New York. We admit that climate change is a threat to security and I think that the EU is the first to do it, ” – Mogherini told reporters. The broadcast was conducted by the EC press service.

She emphasized that this aspect will be discussed with defense ministers for the first time.

In September the UN will host a meeting of the Organization on climate issues.

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