Ukraine thwarted the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and Moscow

The lawyer of a number of Russians convicted in Ukraine Valentin Rybin stated that the exchange of prisoners between the Russian Federation and Ukraine is postponed indefinitely.

“At this stage, the exchange is being postponed. There is no decree on pardon. Most likely, there are some forces in the office of Vladimir Zelensky who want to disrupt the exchange and bring down its rating,” he said.

Previously, the lawyer said that the date has been determined, but declined to name it. At the same time, Rybin, who represents the interests of Russians Maxim Odintsov, Alexander Baranov and Yevgeny Mefedov in Ukraine, said that the final lists of those who will be exchanged are “not yet approved, and may still change”. At the same time, he assured that Mefedov, Odintsov and Baranov remained in the list for exchange.