Residents of the occupied part of the Syrian province of Raqqa faced with increasing cases of disappearances. Most often, women and children become victims. Moreover, later their bodies were found discarded.

According to local media, similar cases have been observed in recent months. It is noteworthy that in all the dead there was a lack of kidneys, spleen, liver and other organs. One of these incidents occurred the day before in the village of Al-Sahel, where the body of a dead child was discovered.

Residents of the region occupied by US troops had to confront the problem on their own. They even managed to prevent the abduction and detain several criminals. However, people do not stop disappearing, and this happens almost every day.

Local sources say the Kurds from the Washington-controlled Syrian Democratic Forces group are behind the abductions. Acting as overseers in the region, they are raiders. Moreover, they are not the first to commit such crimes. True, earlier they abducted people for ransom. Confirmation of this is the inaction of the occupation authority in the person of the United States, which probably covers the illegal trade in organs.

As News Front previously reported , part of the regions of the Syrian Arab Republic still remains under American control, and while normal life is getting better in other provinces, the terrorists supported by Washington are outraging here. This situation allows the States not only to maintain, although illegal, but a presence in Syria. In the valley of the Euphrates and Zaueufrat, the efforts of the United States and its “manual” militants are illegal oil production, which is subsequently exported abroad.

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