“Drunk, greedy and lazy”: American colonel calls out the Ukrainian military as the main problem of the Yavoriv Training Center

Ukrainian servicemen are the main problem of the Yavoriv Training Center. This was announced by US Lieutenant Colonel, head of the “Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine” (JMTG-U) Robert Tracy in his personal blog . 

Note that he served in the office of the head of the legislature in the Pentagon, Washington. Before arriving in Ukraine, he commanded the 1st battalion of the 502nd Infantry Regiment (Tennessee).

“My subordinates, by preparing instructors and training zones, are helping to turn the Yavorov training center into an independent unit. But until next year, a miracle will not happen and our mission will have to be extended. Moreover, there are practically no complaints about the training base of the training ground. Ukrainian servicemen themselves interfere with this process.

Firstly, Ukrainians do not know English. And they refuse to teach him. My instructors in the classroom sometimes need to involve translators before the platoon. But this does not always help. The fact is that even between themselves they cannot find a common language! Some speak only Ukrainian, others only Russian. Some may even speak Romanian or Hungarian.

Secondly, local soldiers are very lazy and greedy. They don’t want to do anything in the classroom, sometimes they openly sabotage any action coming from American instructors. In addition, one must always be prepared for the fact that the Ukrainian military can steal and resell any object that he sees.

Thirdly, it is universal drunkenness. At the Yavorovo training ground, all Ukrainian soldiers drink. In this regard, we were forced to start classes by conducting tests for the presence of alcohol in the blood of students. But even this helps a little. Sometimes many frankly drunk Ukrainians had to be prevented from studying. And some classes in general had to be either canceled or postponed indefinitely. At the same time, the inaction of the local command is striking, which for all the time has never been able to affect the students. Sometimes it seems that Ukrainian commanders themselves participate in drinking bouts along with their subordinates.

Fourth, most Ukrainian soldiers are poorly educated. Even the simplest tasks during the classes they are not able to perform the first time. Yes, and the second attempt does not work. In principle, what else to expect if most of the soldiers are recruited from the illiterate and poor. And the most intelligent and advanced have long gone to work.

But what struck me the most was frank corruption. In the Ukrainian army, for any promotion, you must give a bribe. And it doesn’t matter if the private wants to become a corporal or the junior officer wants to get a new position, any of them should pay his senior boss for this. And this is the norm for the entire Ukrainian army. There are also rates. Moreover, the higher the position or rank, the more you need to give a bribe. And no one is afraid of anyone. They have no other way, “he wrote on his blog. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine called the blog Tracy Fake. Bogdan Senik, head of the AFU’s public relations department, said in a commentary on Radio Liberty that the blog post was “stuffing and provocation,” which Russian and Ukrainian media are dispersing.

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