Member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Serbs’ rapprochement is unstoppable

Milorad Dodik, Serbian representative and member of the Presidium of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), said that no one could stop the integration of the Republika Srpska (Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Republic of Serbia.

This is reported by the Bosnian News Agency Radio and Television of Republika Srpska.
Dodik emphasized that those times when one had to fear the actions of the Western community, which did not allow the merger of the separated Serbs as an ethnos, and invented the story that the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina are one, had passed.
According to his words,in fact, the Republika Srpska and the Republic of Serbia demonstrate the greatest solidarity in all the issues.
Dodik noted that Belgrade has allocated 32 million euros for the development of infrastructure projects in the Republika Srpska on a non-reimbursable basis over the past two years . He also thanked the incumbent President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, for this action.