Activists from the ‘Alternative G7’ and ‘G7-Ez’ groups, who staged a counter-summit in Biarritz, where the real G7 summit was also taking place, declared the world leaders’ meeting “illegitimate” on Monday, calling them “planetary arsonists.”

“While the G7 summit reaches its conclusion today, Monday August 27, and, presumably, no common declaration will be made, the Alternative G7 and G7-Ez platforms declare the G7 illegitimate,” said Aurelie Trouve, spokesperson of the ‘Alternative G7.’

“Massive extraction of fossil fuels, deforestation, agro-industry, pollution of all natural environments, multinationals are mostly responsible for these ecological disasters, and the G7 arsonists support them,” she added.

The G7 summit is wrapping up on Monday in the French coastal city of Biarritz with world leaders discussing a number of global issues.

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