With their ‘inaccurate’ coverage of his meetings with the world leaders, the US ‘fake news’ media have become the laughingstock of the G7 summit in France, US President Donald Trump claimed.

“In France we are all laughing at how knowingly inaccurate the US reporting of events and conversations at the G-7 is,” Trump tweeted Sunday evening. “These Leaders, and many others, are getting a major case study of Fake News at it’s (sic) finest!”

They’ve got it all wrong, from Iran, to China Tariffs, to Boris!

Throughout the weekend, Trump has been convincing his twitter followers, and the world, that he is getting along with the leaders of the six advanced economies amid skeptical reporting mostly focused on many disagreements the US has with other nations. US protectionist trade policies, Trump’s belligerent approach to Iran, and his support for Boris Johnson’s vision of Brexit overshadowed other issues Trump brought to the table.

Starting his Sunday morning routine by slamming the mainstream media’s ‘anti-Trump bias’, the US president spent the rest of the afternoon tweeting how he and his opinions are valued, supported, and respected by the other leaders.

Well, we are having very good meetings, the Leaders are getting along very well, and our Country, economically, is doing great – the talk of the world!