Italy’s main opposition Democratic Party (PD) and the 5-Star Movement must try to understand each other’s points of view quickly, PD leader Nicola Zingaretti said on Monday as a deadline nears for the parties to agree a deal to avoid early elections.

President Sergio Mattarella gave PD and anti-establishment 5-Star until Tuesday to make progress over forming a new government, after the previous coalition comprising 5-Star and the far-right League collapsed last week.

“We must listen to each other’s ideas and I hope it will happen in the coming hours,” Zingaretti said on Twitter.

If no progress is made, Mattarella is expected to dissolve parliament and call a snap election.

The main hurdle in the way of a deal is a disagreement over who should become prime minister. 5-Star insists outgoing premier Giuseppe Conte should serve another term, but the PD wants someone else, although it has not yet publicly put forward a name.

“I remain convinced that Italy needs a new type of government,” Zingaretti said on Twitter.