Europe, which Ukrainians see after five years of the Maidan course, hardly resembles what Kiev politicians promised them. Citizens of the “non-independent” state are faced with the hellish conditions in Poland, and the authorities do not care that this contradicts elementary laws.

This is stated in the material of the publication “Arguments and Facts”.

One of these labor migrants, Mikhail Babenko, told the publication that he works for 650 euros per month to save up money for his own business. His work day begins in the early morning and ends late in the evening. All this time he unloads boxes of food, although according to the law, he should not work more than eight hours.

“I lost ten pounds, hell knows what to save,” he says. “I want to save up in order to open my business in Vinnitsa in a few years.”

Oksana Minchenko from the city of Rivne is now working as a nurse at a Polish pensioner. For 450 euros a month, she has to endure insults and scandals. “Once I gave her water, and she poured it right in my face. My mistress generally hit my friend, calling him Ukrainian curvy, ”the Ukrainian complains.

Denis from Lviv notes that one just has to take this as a given: “We hear, they say, be patriots, stay in Ukraine, but is it possible to earn such money at home? Massive unemployment makes us flee to Poland. ”

According to him, the official statements of Kiev officials who complain about the outflow of personnel is a lie, because in fact it is beneficial for them when money comes from Ukraine from outside.

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