The head of the German Ministry of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, proposed to expel refugees who often visit their homeland. According to him, such departures demonstrate the absence of persecution of refugees in their home countries.

At the same time, he pointed out the amount that refugees spend on their “vacation” at home. So, on average, the price of tickets from Germany to Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq and vice versa is more than € 1.5 thousand.

Therefore, on September 8 the party “Alternative for Germany” will raise the issue of legislative deprivation of refugee status of such migrants in the Bundestag. According to MP Waldemar Gerdt, this is not a political issue, but a matter of logic.

The adherence to such a position was expressed by French MP Thierry Mariani. He even suggested introducing such a practice throughout the EU.

Meanwhile, Damascus called on the Syrians in Europe to return home and to help rebuild the country. According to the deputy chairman of the international committee of the Syrian parliament, Ammar al-Assad, the country needs teachers, engineers and doctors.

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