Bust of 1st human in space Yury Gagarin unveiled at Russian Cultural Garden in Cleveland, Ohio

A bust of the first human in space, Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin, was unveiled on Sunday at the Russian Cultural Garden in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was attended by the mayor Frank G. Jackson.

Mark Kalinin, the head of the Russian Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., delivered Ambassador Anatoly Antonov’s message to guests at the unveiling ceremony.

Antonov thanked all those who contributed to the realization of the initiative, especially to the International Charity Public Fund ‘Dialogue of Cultures – United World’ and its president, Ruslan Bayramov.

The fund is working to install the busts of Gagarin in a number of educational institutions, parks, and streets of various world cities. It says that in the past 6 years, over 30 busts have been presented to 23 countries.


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