US President Donald Trump said that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “the right man for the job” of carrying out Brexit on Sunday, as the two held a breakfast meeting in Biarritz during the G7 summit. Trump emphasised the possibilities of a future US-UK trade agreement, commenting that the two countries would do a “very big trade deal, bigger than we have ever had with the UK.” Johnson appeared enthusiastic about the prospect saying that while he expected there to be “tough talks” ahead, there were “clearly huge opportunities for the UK to penetrate the American market.” A reporter asked Trump if he had second thoughts about his administration’s escalating trade war with China, to which the president replied that he has “second thoughts about everything,” before repeating his assertion that the US’s 1976 National Emergency’s Act empowers him to order US companies out of China. The G7 summit started in Biarritz on Saturday and runs until August 26, with world leaders set to discuss topics including tackling global inequality, the US-China trade dispute, the Hong Kong protests and the climate crisis.

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