Gunmen attack bus carrying tourist guides in Jordan’s Petra area

According to Ammon news agency, an unidentified gunmen opened fire on a tour bus in the vicinity of Petra, an archaeological site in Jordan; no injuries have been reported.

“Unknown people opened fire on Saturday on a bus carrying tourist guides from the Wadi Musa region to Petra. There were no injuries; material damage was caused,” a source told Ammon News.

According to the source, the authorities launched an investigation into the incident.

​The bus belongs to the authorities of the Petra region, media noted.

In the Hellenic period, Petra was a thriving city, the capital of Edom, and later the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. The Nabateans themselves called their city Rakmu. It is located on the territory of modern Jordan in the narrow Sik Canyon, at an altitude of more than 900m above sea level and 660m above the surrounding area, the Arava Valley.

Today, about half a million tourists come to Jordan every year to visit UNESCO-listed Petra, where one-of-a-kind buildings carved into solid rock remain as a testament to its glorious past.


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