The world is approaching the point that a nuclear strike is quite possible in Budapest, Paris and other European cities, since the US nuclear weapons are located next to them and the necessary missiles are probably aimed from Russia to either prevent or retaliate against these cities.

The Hungarian political consultant Miklos Kevehazi said this on the NewsFrontTV channel, giving his assessment of current events in the international political arena related to the termination of the INF Treaty.

“Naturally, you noticed that recently the countries of Europe began to look at Russia with hope. Of course, first it was necessary to lift sanctions from Russia, start negotiations, begin cooperation in the political, economic, cultural aspects. And thus, perhaps, it would be possible to get a threat to the United States in the fact that Europe is friends with Russia. I am not talking about the signing of a treaty between Europe and Russia on protection against US nuclear strikes. This is actually unrealistic right now. However, some kind of diplomatic step is necessary for Europe to feel protected, as it was before, under the Soviet Union. Then, the two great powers of the USSR and the USA looked at each other and held the hand of their defense in those countries that they had, one might say, inside their empires. If you remember, there were no 40-50 years of war in Europe, ”said Kavehazi.

However, he added that the United States is in a state of shock from the fact that Russia has a superweapon that reaches America under water, above water, in the air, because over the past 10 years they have not stopped developing missiles banned by the INF Treaty and waited a moment to withdraw from the contract unilaterally.

Proceeding from this, the most competent decision for Russia is to arm yourself, since global trends indicate that diplomatic efforts are losing to the military, the expert said.

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