The Sudanese Central Committee of Doctors has announced the death of one person in Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast during an outbreak of tribal violence. At least 58 others were injured, 14 of them with gunshot wounds. The casualties were taken to Port Sudan Hospital, Prince Osman Dagna Hospital and the Sea Ports Corporation Hospital.

“This morning it was calm after the unfortunate clashes that took place in Dar Al-Naeem neighbourhood,” explained the Committee of Thursday. “The events left a number of injuries, and resulted in damage to social cohesion and the peaceful coexistence of the people of one city in one homeland.”

The Committee pointed out that the security authorities and the state government have full responsibility for maintaining the security and safety of all Sudanese citizens. It demanded that all necessary measures and precautions are taken to prevent the repetition of such regrettable events.

In May, the Sudanese authorities announced that seven people were killed and 22 injured in a conflict between two tribes in the state of Al-Qadarif, in the east of the country. The conflict spread quickly to Port Sudan, before being renewed yesterday because of the scarcity of water in the city. Official intervention brokered a peace deal between the groups involved.

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