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Since the re-introduction of internal border control on September 13, 2015 until the end of June 2019, German authorities have identified about 46,000 wanted people according to AFD’s request to the Bundestag . 

At the same period, police rejected more than 35,000 people on the German-Austrian border. They were denied entry as they did not meet the necessary conditions.

100,000 asylum applications in the first half of the year

Federal Home Secretary Horst Seehofer (CSU) extended control for another six months in April. He explained this by the need of the European Commission to combat the ongoing illegal border crossings by migrants. Between November 2018 and February 2019, about 950 asylum seekers resorted to unauthorized entry monthly. In addition, the “migration potential” over the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkan route has increased again.

The influx of asylum seekers into Germany rose again in the first half of this year compared to 2018. From the beginning of January till the end of July, more than 100,000 people applied for asylum in Germany. According to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 86,350 applications were filed in two weeks.

At this rate, Germany will process about 200,000 applications this year . Last year, there were 186,000 of them. This corresponds to the population of such a city as Kassel.

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