EU prepares for trade war – major US corporations under the blow

The situation in relations between the United States and the European Union is heating up against the background of how transatlantic unity will be replaced by a transatlantic trade war.

As News Front previously reported, by the end of the year, Donald Trump has to make a decision regarding duties on European cars that are delivered to the United States, and Brussels threatened in response with retaliatory measures that affect US goods worth 35 billion euros.

In addition, according to the Politico, referring to the draft new strategy of Brussels, the EU does not intend to stop and is preparing new anti-American measures in the upcoming economic confrontation.

In particular, Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, is proposed to consider an initiative with the creation of a new fund in the amount of about $ 100 billion, whose task will be to support European producers through the acquisition of shares, which should ensure increased competitiveness.

In addition, Brussels plans to counter the influence of the largest American corporations in Europe, namely: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Earlier, Bloomberg experts called the prospect of a trade war between the EU and the US a catastrophe amid the reigning chaos in financial markets due to the US-China economic confrontation. Moreover, Brexit remains a destabilizing factor, which, based on the rhetoric of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, could end in a worse outcome.