The United States terminated the INF Treaty, as they seem to be pursuing an aggressive anti-Russian policy, said a German politician, member of the Berlin Chamber of Deputies, Gunnar Lindemann, in a commentary to News Front.

US Ambassador Richard Grenell’s statements that the United States can redeploy its troops from Germany to Poland fit into this picture.

“The United States obviously wants to place its nuclear weapons in front of the Russian border,” Lindemann claims. “I consider this step to be completely false. Russia is not our enemy, but our friend. Russia does not pose a threat to Europe or the United States.”

Then what’s the reason for that? Apparently, the United States is going to realize its geopolitical goals, as in Syria, for example. But we should not risk our security and peace in Europe just for the United States to pursue own geopolitical goals.

We, the Europeans must urgently begin to negotiate with Russia and act as an intermediary between the two countries since a new threatening weapon falls primarily on our world in Europe.

Negotiation skills are essential for a new arms contract. So our children can still live in peace.

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