Australia Joins US’ Anti-Iran Persian Gulf Coalition

The move comes a week after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated his rejection of US plans to create a maritime coalition in the Persian Gulf, saying that the nations of the region are able to safeguard regional security all by themselves.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has signalled his country’s readiness to join the US’ anti-Iran maritime coalition in the Persian Gulf.

In an apparent nod to Iran, he told reporters on Wednesday that “this destabilising behaviour is a threat to Australia’s interests in the region.”

“The government has decided that it is in Australia’s national interest to work with our international partners to contribute. Our contribution will be limited in scope and it will be time-bound,” Morrison pointed out.

The statement comes after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated last week that he rejects Washington’s plans to create a naval coalition against Tehran in the Persian Gulf and that “there is no need to attract foreign forces in order to maintain security” in the region.

He also indicated Iran’s willingness to “ensure the security of this region together with its coastal states, just as it has been done in the past”.