Presidents, ministers and other officials can talk as much as they like about the prospects for Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. However, in the end, they will flee the country, leaving the impoverished people to their fate, said retired Georgian lieutenant general Guram Nikolaishvili.

According to him, the stories of officials that NATO is strengthening Georgia are a blatant lie, because the alliance has its very obvious tasks, which do not include assistance to the afflicted. This lie began since the reign of Mikheil Saakashvili. He also “discounted” the war of 2008.

“Through Merkel or Appathurai, the bloc makes us understand that we should not think about joining NATO,” the military emphasizes, noting that neutrality would become the best for Georgia in this situation, since deviations in one direction or another lead only to tough confrontations, and with those countries that form the world agenda. At the same time, officials who yesterday convinced Georgian citizens of the correctness of the Euro-Atlantic course will flee abroad tomorrow, states Nikolaishvili: “But we will remain in a destroyed and impoverished country.”

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