Britain’s opposition Labour Party says it will do everything in its power to block a no-deal Brexit. The party leader, Jeremy Corbyn says he is urging MPs to back a no-confidence vote against the government.

Corbyn wants to form a caretaker administration to prevent the UK from crashing out of Europe.

He says the ultimate decision on Brexit must go back to the people.

“If there is a general election this autumn, Labour will commit to holding a public vote to give voters the final say, with credible options on both sides – including the option to remain.

“Three years of Tory failure on Brexit have caused opinions to harden to such a degree that I believe no outcome wiill have the legitimacy with out the people’s endorsement.”

Corbyn’s speech comes as Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure to recall Parliament after a leak of government documents warning that no-deal will lead to shortages of fuel, food and medicine and a meltdown at the border.

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