Macron suggests restarting EU-Russia relations

Macron suggests restarting EU-Russia relations

French President Emmanuel Macron stands for restarting relations between the European Union and Russia, the lack of dialogue will lead to further rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing.

Macron expressed the conviction that even if there are disagreements, “we need to look for common ground and restart our relations – relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union.”

“If we continued cursing at the Council of Europe, Russia would have slammed the door. For example, Russians would not have the opportunity to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights,” the French leader said.

He also noted that the refusal of dialogue with the Russian Federation would lead to the fact that “we would push away the great power – the Russian Federation, it would turn away from Europe and turn completely to China, and this is not in the interests of France, the European Union.”


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