Former policeman and author Stefan Schubert views Islam as an existing threat to Germany.

A dangerous mix of crime, violence, alcohol, drugs and Islamic radicalization has long been created in cities. This development was caused by the opening of the border in 2015, which led to an increase in crime by Muslim immigrants entering the country.

In his new book, Sicherheitsrisiko Islam (Islam as a threat to security), he wants to show the dangers to Western societies.

Recent statistics show that Islam has made a significant contribution to the development of crime in the country. Current crimes confirm this thesis: the Cologne sex mafia, the crime of Arab clans, the killing of girls, the criminal wave, the occupation of public space by groups of forced migrants, riots in outdoor pools, at railway stations and during city holidays, terrorist acts such as at the Christmas market in Berlin, Ansbach, Hamburg and Würzburg, murder with knives, as in Chemnitz, attacks by asylum seekers in the Bavarian Amberg, and brutal acts of violence in public such as killing with a sword in Stuttgart. In all these cases, we see a similarity – the origin of the criminals.

The criminals are predominantly Muslim men, and the victims are almost exclusively local residents. Thus, Islam pursues a radical division of society. Hatred of Jews, Christians, “unfaithful” and Western habits forms a breeding ground for terror, violence and, consequently, crime.

What does the Fed plan look like? What if the integration of millions of Muslim immigrants into Germany not only fails, but also causes extreme tension in the country?

In an extensive study by the Berlin Social Science Research Center, migration researcher Ruud Kupmans, after interviewing Muslims in six European countries, concludes that two-thirds of Muslims surveyed consider religious laws more important than the laws of the country in which they live.

Especially in Western European cities an explosive mixture of crime, violence, alcohol, drugs and Islamic radicalization has arisen. These events are already so developed that security circles call this mixture “gangster jihad.”

Numerous social aberrations lead to a worsening security situation in the near future. The main motivation for publishing the book “Islam as a threat to security” was the hope that the “point of no return” had not yet been completed, Stefan Schubert summed up.

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