Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has ordered the government to draw up a bill on simplifying the procedures to obtain Ukrainian citizenship for Russians, who are “persecuted on political motives.”

The decree was published on the Ukrainian president’s website on Monday. “I ask to draft a Ukrainian law on short notice aimed at easing the procedure of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for Russian nationals, who have been subjected to persecution for their political views,” the document says.

Under the decree, the simplified procedures will be also applied to foreigners and persons without citizenship, who “took part in implementing the measures on ensuring national security and defense of Ukraine.”

In his decree, Zelensky extended the list of documents, which may serve as the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. One of them is a declaration that a person, who has been subjected to persecution on political grounds, gives up Russian citizenship and a confirming document.

 The president also ordered the cabinet of ministers to fast-track the consideration of applications filed by Russians on being recognized as refugees or persons who need additional protection.

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