The Turkish leadership frankly did not give a damn about the fact that Kurdish armed forces operating in Syria are under the auspices of Washington The Times reports

Thus, the Syrian Democratic Forces group, despite US support, was in jeopardy, as Turkey did not want to see militants at its southern borders.

The publication recalled that Ankara links the Syrian Kurds with the Kurdistan Workers Party – a group recognized as terrorist in Turkey. In this regard, the Turkish authorities are preparing a military operation in order to oust the SDS militants by transferring the liberated territories to the pro-Turkish Free Syrian Army.

However, there is one unresolved problem: in the territory where the Turkish Armed Forces will advance in the future, there are American military bases, and this fact can aggravate the already mixed relations between Ankara and Washington.

The media emphasize that Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan sees in pro-American gangs near the country’s borders “a threat to security that needs to be eliminated,” and only the prospect of a war with the United States stops him. Bilateral negotiations are ongoing, but not as successful as they could be, and pro-Turkish and pro-American militants in Syria are preparing for a confrontation.

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