Austrian strategist: “warm war” is going on in the center of Europe

When it comes to the conflict in Europe, most people think of the Western Balkans or Northern Ireland, although at present the real war continues in Ukraine.

As a result of Western intervention, a civil war took place in Ukraine, which since then has been regarded by many as a mediation war between NATO and Russia.

Patrick Poppel of the Suvorov Institute in Vienna assesses the current situation as tense.

“I was in Donetsk and Lugansk, where there really is a war, a war in the center of Europe,” he says.

Even the OSCE recognizes that a ceasefire is not respected by the Ukrainian army.

According to Poppel, this is not a cold war and not a hot war. This is a “warm war”, which can flare up with renewed vigor at any second.


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