Germany’s military pumped far more taxpayer money into expertise than any other government body this year, as the understaffed and underequipped Bundeswehr struggles with growing problems and failures.
The Defense Ministry paid €155 million (US$170mn) for “external advisory and support” in the first half of 2019, according to a request for information from the opposition Left Party and seen by DPA news agency. The hefty sum is also almost as much as all other 13 ministries spent on expertise, local media reports.

Nevertheless, even that figure leaves other bodies far behind. For instance, the Interior Ministry spent only €78.7 million during the same period, while the Education Ministry was allocated a tiny €293,000 for advisers.

Just this Wednesday, the German armed forces grounded all Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopters, citing technical flaws. The suspension of flights comes on the heels of two incidents involving faulty combat aircraft in the past two months, in which a total of three pilots were killed.