United States begins USAID implementation in Transnistria

Known for its direct participation in the implementation of the color revolutions, the US Agency for International Development or USAID is now actively processing Transdniestrian youth through various seminars, conferences and trainings.

Despite the fact that Tiraspol is still impregnable for the machine of American democracy, the young generation is already being processed against the background of the fact that the US ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan and USAID deputy administrator Brock Birman frequent visits to the PMR.

The Eastern European Fund, which opened the camp of future leaders with the money of the European Union and Sweden, is not far behind the American agency. In parallel, the NATO summer school operates in Transnistria.

Moreover, the West already promises assistance to Tiraspol. The condition for it, however, is the work of the Center for English and American Culture on the basis of the Transnistrian State University.

Officially, the tasks of all of the above “humanitarian events” are reduced to the traditional “promotion of democratic values”, under the guise of which there is an ideological treatment of youth, which in the future may become at the helm in Transnistria.