Against the background of the termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, the North Atlantic Alliance began active processing of the Ukrainian leadership with the aim of locating on the territory of “independent” rocket weapons.

The corresponding statement was published by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is intensifying a dialogue with NATO to discuss possible ways to strengthen the defense capability of the entire eastern flank of NATO,” the country’s dark prospects described the diplomacy.

At the same time, the communiqué notes that Kiev is “disappointed” with the situation with the termination of the INF. At the same time, Russia is blamed for the termination of the agreement.

“In Ukraine, they are disappointed with the termination of the Agreement between the USA and the USSR on the elimination of their medium and shorter range missiles” (the INF Treaty) because of the situation that Russia has created around it, and they understand the US forced actions, ”diplomats say.

Moreover, in Kiev they began to assert that Russia “has developed and has already deployed a medium-range nuclear missile system, within the reach of which some European capitals are located.”

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