Russian military carry out airstrikes against terrorists in Syria

Last week, militants attacked the Syrian army near Idlib, and shelled the provinces of Hama and Latakia despite a ceasefire regime, killing several civilians.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has issued a video showing targeted airstrikes against jihadists in Syria. The footage, captured by unmanned aircraft depicts strikes against terror groups in Idlib – the last stronghold of the militants in the country.

In particular, the video shows the Russian military destroying a multiple rocket launcher mounted on a pickup that belonged to Tahrir al-Sham* terrorists.

A separate scene shows a self-propelled gun hit by the Russian forces north of the city of Hama. There is no information about the precise date of the airstrikes.

The northwestern Idlib Province is home to multiple terror groups, with around 30,000 militants, including foreign mercenaries, reportedly operating in the region.