Maduro says he believes in success of talks with Venezuelan opposition

Maduro says he believes in success of talks with Venezuelan opposition

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that he believes that successful dialogue between the government and opposition will help find a way out of the political crisis in the country.

“Another round of talks has kicked off today between the delegation of the Venezuelan opposition and the constitutional government which I head. I believe in dialogue” Maduro said in a speech broadcast on Twitter.

He also condemned “right-wing extremists who supports foreign intervention.” “This is madness!” he said.

In May, at least two rounds of indirect talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition were held in Oslo under Norway’s mediaton. On July 8, the new round of talks started in Barbados. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that talks were comprehensive and did not rule out that consultations may result in an agreement.

On January 23 Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as the country’s acting president. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described it as a coup attempt and announced severing diplomatic relations with the United States.

Guaido was recognized as interim president by the Lima Group countries (except for Mexico), as well as by Albania, Georgia, the United States, and the Organization of American States. Several EU countries came forward with support for the Venezuelan parliament and expressed hope for new elections to resolve the crisis. Maduro was supported by Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salavador, Syria and Turkey.


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