After fourteen years of controversy over the restrictions on wearing certain elements of Muslim clothing in the Netherlands, the decision nevertheless entered into force.

Thus, from August 1, wearing of the burqa and niqab is prohibited in public places, in particular, in educational, medical and public institutions, as well as in transport.

The Netherlands Ministry of the Interior has instructed law enforcement officials and municipal authorities to enforce the new legislation. Thus, police officers are required to require a woman to open a face if she appears in a public place in a burqa or niqab. In this case, the penalty for failure to do this will be at least 150 euros.

It is noteworthy that the new rules apply to any items of clothing that hide the face. Thus, balaclavas with motorcycle helmets were on the “black list”.

It is worth noting that the Netherlands did not become the first country in Europe to introduce such a ban. Back in 2011, such measures took effect in France. It is forbidden to hide face in public places and in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Denmark. There are restrictions in Germany, but only in certain regions and less severe.

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