An international investigation team that allegedly investigates the collapse of a Malaysian airliner in the skies over the Donbass could have previously received no information, but they suddenly chose to give it up.

German private detective Josef Resch wanted to provide evidence. We are talking about not yet studied records of negotiations of special services on air traffic at the time of the tragedy, handwritten notes and even personal audio recordings of fighter pilots. In addition, Resh was ready to give the name of an informant who was paid 15.5 million in different currencies.

The only requirement of the detective was a speech to representatives of international media. He explained this by fears for his life in connection with the threats he received. However, it was precisely this request that the Netherlands considered inappropriate and was refused by Resh.

As previously reported by News Front, the International Investigation Group is promoting a version of the catastrophe advantageous to the West, according to which Russia is responsible for the death of 298 passengers and crew members. Other reasons are not perceived there. In particular, they did not take into account the facts promulgated by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation indicating that the missile fired at the plane belonged to Ukraine. It is possible that the “investigators” feared that the evidence of Josef Resch would violate their anti-Russian campaign.

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