Syria: Strategic areas in Hama successfully recaptured by SAA forces

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reported the recapture of the strategic areas of Tal Mileh and al-Jebeen in the central province of Hama, on Monday, following clashes that included the targeting of militant strongholds and armoured vehicles.

Footage shows clouds of thick smoke rising from militant strongholds that were targeted as well as destroyed vehicles that reportedly belonged to militants who formerly occupied the area.

”Yesterday evening, an operation lead by the Syrian Arab Army has been successfully completed, in which control was regained over Tal Mileh and the surrounding area. The operation resumed today with the successful recapturing of the al-Jebeen area, with ongoing efforts to consolidate control over it,” a commander in the Syrian Army said to the media.

According to reports by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the Syrian army destroyed armoured vehicles with rocket strikes as part of the operation, killing a number of insurgents on board.


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