The economic pressure of the West on Russia, even with all the predilection of US lawmakers for sanctions, has reached its peak, and there are no real justifications for new restrictions.

This was told by the Forbes observer Kenneth Raposa.

“There are no reasons for the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions, if not to take into account hatred,” the author describes the situation in the international arena.

He recalled that the story began in 2014 against the background of the Ukrainian crisis and armed conflict in the Donbas, but afterwards the sanctions turned into a punitive tool. Washington really wanted to punish Moscow for the “choice” of Donald Trump, and the notorious “Russian intervention” even formed the basis of the new legislation. At the same time, Russia has seriously spoiled the States for their “favorite hobby – regime change in the Middle East,” continues Raposa. So, Moscow saved from the overthrow of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad, which also became the reason for the sanctions.

However, RussiaGate has failed, the investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has become a disgrace for the Democrats. Meanwhile, power has changed in Ukraine, and the new leadership is less inclined to continue the conflict with Moscow, the author writes. He does not exclude that the conflict in Syria could flare up with a new force, however, without a theoretical direct clash between the armies of the Russian Federation and the USA, there are no real reasons for the new anti-Russian sanctions.

“The Russian economy was able to overcome the existing sanctions pressure and for it would be good news that new sanctions should not be expected in the near future,” the journalist stated.

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