Gunnar N. Lindemann: Fascism in Europe must be stopped

In connection with his participation in the “Anti-Fascist Congress” in Crimea, a member of the AFD group in the Berlin House of Representatives Gunnar Lindemann, a member of the MDA, recalls the horrors and sufferings that fascism brought to Europe in the last century.

“However, current development does not bode well,” says Lindemann.

Thus, it became a fact that the German public barely noticed the fact that the German government finances the regime in Ukraine and, thus, the former fascist fighters in Ukraine, at the expense of Germany’s taxpayers.

“The terror in the Donbas claimed the lives of nearly 15,000 people,” continues Lindemann.

It makes no sense to constantly remind you of your own history at home, but at the same time support the fascist forces abroad.

Fascist tendencies in Europe must be rejected and suppressed. The federal government is urged to follow their noble words and concrete actions and to stop supporting war-mongers, murderers and terrorists in Eastern European countries.


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