Border becomes backyard as Mexican kids and US playmates see-saw through fence

A group of artists balanced children’s see-saws between the slats of the border fence which divides Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua and Sunland Park in New Mexico on Sunday.

Kids bounced up and down with playmates from the other side of the border while soldiers looked on.

“Using the seesaw shows that we are equal and we can play together and enjoy ourselves, but also that the wall cuts the relationship between us. What happens in one place has an impact in the other and that’s what a seesaw does,” said Colorado-native Ronald Rael, the artist behind the installation.

Rael, who works as a professor of architecture at the University of California, first came up with the idea eight years ago.

The border has become an increasingly contentious topic since US President Donald Trump took office after he repeatedly pledged during his campaign to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.


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