The monthly amount of precipitation has fallen in the Russian town of Tulun in the Irkutsk Region in 24 hours, residential buildings and land plots are flooded again, the region’s government website says.

“The maximum amount of precipitation in the Irkutsk Region in the last 24 hours fell in Tulun – 104 mm – which is almost the monthly average. The today’s powerful and long rainfalls resulted in the flooding of houses and land plots, particularly in Nizhneudinsk and Tulun. The water is the Bolshaya Belaya River rose above the critical point (450 centimeters, while the critical point is 420 centimeters) in one community,” the statement reads.

According to a meteorological service’s official Azat Nasyrov, the powerful and very powerful rains are predicted to continue in the western, central and southern districts of the region. The water levels are expected to rise above the critical points in a number of rivers.

The region’s governor, Sergey Levchenko, instructed officials to timely inform the administration of all the districts caught in the emergency, and the population if evacuation is needed.

The powerful flood hit the Irkutsk Region in late June. Twenty-five people died, another seven are missing. Almost 11,000 residential buildings in 107 communities were flooded as well as 49 facilities of social importance and 49 sections of roads. The water damaged 22 road bridges. The consequences of the flood continue to be addressed in the affected areas.