Saakashvili gets new propaganda mouthpiece in Georgia

Saakashvili gets new propaganda mouthpiece in Georgia

After Nick Gvamariya was removed from his duties as the general director of the disgraced Rustavi 2 TV channel, he decided to create a new one, assuring that his project already had investors.

As previously reported by News Front on the air of “Rustavi 2,” the TV host outraged the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his late parents with obscene insults. It is noteworthy that the channel, like the direct anti-Russian trick, was associated with Mikhail Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia, whose party is now actively engaged in destabilizing the situation in the country.

Now on the channel “Rustavi 2” management has changed. The decision was made following a multi-year trial by the Justice Ministry of Georgia, which registered the new director of the television station, Paatu Salia .

Against this background, Gararamia, who was out of work, threatens to create a new TV channel, which, in his words, will even surpass Rustavi 2. Partners, according to Gvamariya, he already has.

“I have absolutely no doubt that very soon a new television will become the main channel of the country, and I look extremely optimistic about its revenues,” he said, urging like-minded people to contribute financially to his project due to the fact that “there are investors, but as always, more. ”

At the same time, he noted that donations would eventually be converted into the implementation of opposition policies, which were promoted by Rustavi 2 in the days of Gvamariya.


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