Jamel Bumaz, a city councilor from the city of Montpellier, celebrated his birthday with a cake decorated with a swastika, which he called “a gift from my friend SS.”

The city councilor of Montpellier, Jamel Bumaz, who had already been approved by the past for his hate actions, was again marked by the fact that on his Facebook page he announced his birthday with a cake decorated with a swastika.

The message in question was well accompanied by an image of a cake announced by the Simon-Wiesenthal Center:

“I had a wonderful day with my family, with music and food at my friend’s house, SS, and then my cake arrived, a gift from my friend SS,” said an elected municipal official.
The post was subsequently removed, and Mr. Bumaz’s Twitter account was suspended. The Simon-Wiesenthal Center, for its part, stated that it had sent a letter of protest to Benedetto Zacroli, president of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism.

The center asks the mayor of Montpellier to take measures to eliminate the person responsible for his municipal functions.
The eighth incident of this kind

In May 2016, the former adviser to the FN dismantled and partially buried the rainbow flag, the symbol of the LGBT community, raised near the hotel. This brought him a six-month suspended sentence and five years of disqualification.

Earlier in the same year, Jamel Bomaz was fined for performing the gesture of the queen, initiated by Dieudonne during a meeting of the city council of Montpellier.