Disastrous diseases and enforced isolation – this is how the Belgian La Libre edition describes the life of Syrians in the notorious Al-Khol camp.

The article was dedicated to Mahe an-Nasser, a resident of the camp, where she was taken from Baguz, the last stronghold of the Islamic State terrorist group, which was then captured by pro-American Kurdish militants. In the camp Maha an-Nasser was with her daughter. Now she is only one year and two months old, and the life of the child is at stake.

“When my daughter suffers from convulsions <…>, she loses consciousness, and foam comes out of her mouth,” said the woman, holding a girl with pale skin, eyes closed and parched lips. According to the mother, despite the fever, her daughter Fatima did not receive proper treatment in the camp.

After visiting the medical center, the little girl repeatedly went to the hospital, but the treatment did not bring results. “The health situation is bad and the treatment is slow,” the woman noted.

According to the latest UN data, about 70 thousand people still remain in the camp. More than 90 percent of them are women and children. In addition, it is noted that among the residents of the camp there are those children whose parents joined the terrorist groups.

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