The local experts accuse the President of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” Hashim Thaci of deliberately postponing the issue of early elections. Thaci did not make important statements and did not appoint consultations with political parties after the resignation of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

As reported by the Kosovo edition of Kocha, Thaci is probably awaiting the end of the inner-party vote in his Democratic Union of Kosovo, which is scheduled for August 3. Opponents of the president disagree.

“He must fulfill his constitutional duty and call elections as soon as possible,” said Vyos Osmani of the DSC.

Haradinaj, meanwhile, already as a former PM plans to convene a government meeting. To the statements of the media about the illegality of such a meeting, Haradinaj’s party associate Adrian Guni replied that the law stipulates that Kosovo cannot remain without power for a long time.

Obviously, the resignation of Haradinaj, who is soon to appear before the Special Court of War Crimes in Kosovo, did not end the lengthy confrontation of this political head and former field commander with the president.

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