If a flock of sheep turns in the opposite direction, then the worst sheep will be at the head of the flock.

Such a Georgian proverb was described by the well-known political analyst Nana Devdariani in the country.

At the end of last month, Georgia was swept by a wave of anti-Russian protests against the backdrop of the fact that the country’s authorities had invited a delegation from the Russian Federation within the framework of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy. All this turned into mass riots in Tbilisi on the night of June 21, when protesters tried to storm the parliament building. Among the main instigators were the people of the runaway ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili. Militiamen regarded the incident as a coup attempt . Investigative actions continue.

Devdariani, in turn, noted that the June events cannot be called a spontaneous action. According to her, this is a methodical campaign aimed at aggravation just before the parliamentary elections.

“On the eve of such a decisive moment, it is not surprising that the opposition is playing games for escalation. To some extent, she even succeeds. Frankly, by saying the word “opposition,” it already becomes ridiculous to me, because this is no longer the opposition, but a criminal party, ”she told the Federal News Agency in a comment.

At the same time, the political scientist draws parallels between current events and the so-called “Rose Revolution” of 2003. She noted that then everything also began with small but regular attempts to destabilize.

Commenting on the response of Moscow, including the scandalous demarche of the “Saakashvili mouthpiece” Georgy Gabunia, Devdariani assured that she expected Vladimir Putin’s restraint, who “counted all this cheap dramaturgy and what she was trying to achieve.”

The fact is that any sanctions of the Russian Federation, such as, for example, the ban on air traffic already in force, are beaten primarily by the current Georgian leadership.

“Standard Saakashvili methods. The worse for the country – the better for him. His efforts failed tourist season. Thousands of people in a rage. They are in a very sad position. Many took loans, but there is nothing to pay for them, because there are no Russian tourists and there will not be. This is a blow to Bidzina Ivanishvili and his party “Georgian Dream”, – explains the expert, again recalling the imminent parliamentary elections.

At the same time, Devdariani assured that without artificial support, all this anti-Russian protest would “die out”: “If after this the restoration of relations with Russia begins, then we can confidently say, there will be steps towards each other.”

She recalled that at the end of the last century in Georgia they bravely stated that “they are ready to eat grass, just to become independent”. Others proudly stated that the country could feed itself, because there is Borjomi, tea and subtropics. ” That’s just enough for only 5 percent of the population.

“We also dreamed of capitalism. They thought that everyone could become a capitalist, but no one thought about the majority of people under our policy, the proletariat, and the capitalists, a smaller percentage, ”she concluded.