Special security measures will be in place for the railway section of the Crimean Bridge, connecting the peninsula with mainland Russia, the director general of the Russian Transport Ministry’s departmental security service, Alexey Kovyrshin, told on Wednesday.

“At present, works are being carried out to equip the railway segment of the Crimean Bridge with the required engineering and technical equipment for transport security, as envisaged by the project. Given the unique nature of this facility, extensive measures of technical control to ensure transport security have been envisaged there,” he said.

“For today, this facility will be among our country’s most protected transport infrastructure facilities,” the official added.

According to the official, the car and the railway sections of the Crimean Bridge will be considered two separate objects, and the safety there will be ensured by different agencies – the car section will be guarded by the Transport Ministry’s departmental security service and the rail section – by the rail transport departmental security service. The overall security will be provided by officers of the Russian Guard, who will also patrol waters around the bridge.

The 19-kilometer long Crimean Bridge, the longest one in Russia, links the Taman Peninsula and the Kerch Peninsula. The bridge’s motorway section was inaugurated in May 2018, with President Vladimir Putin taking part in the opening ceremony. The railway section is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2019.

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